Week 13

Now that I’ve been living in Venezuela for 13 weeks, I feel that it is apt that I post my first blog entry ever, and that I make you a list of thirteen things that I’ve learned to love so far here in Venezuela:

  1. Latin music–it’s seriously so catchy and I have to have the students explain what it is about to me, but I still jam out to it in the car and at the cornerstore and really wherever I am
  2. Bananas fresh off of the tree
  3. How friendly the people are—everyone I’ve met that speaks English is super excited to practice their English with me
  4. Arepas con huevos – Arepas with eggs—it’s like a breakfast sandwich, only without the cheese and bacon and the making-you-feel-like-you’re-going-to-get-heart-disease
  5. It’s always perfect swimming weather
  6. The free-for-all situation that is driving—who cares about those blinkers and traffic lights and one-way streets? Not us.
  7. All of the rewards and challenges that come with learning to speak a new language—such as learning that “Tienes huevos?” means both “Do you have eggs?” AND “Do you have balls?” Who knew?
  8.  Nobody celebrates anything better than Latin America celebrates everything.
    9. Tequeños – like mozzarella sticks but with better breading – eaten at all times of day and for all kinds of reasons here
    10. Chinoto – think of it as Sprite, but even better
    11. The way that it feels like winning the lottery when you find a luxury item—“Holy shit I could have toast with JAM? And I could have MOTT’S APPLE JUICE? BEST DAY EVERRRR!!!!”
    12. The fact that everyone I meet is so excited that I’m learning to speak Spanish, even if they’ve just met me. “You Spanish good! Sound very good!”
    13. The laid-back vibe of the people in general—who cares if you’re an hour late? Who cares if you have to be at the supermarket for three and a half hours? Who cares if the fifth store you’ve gone to doesn’t have what you’re looking for—there’s at least five more to try to search at.

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