Semana Santa 2016: Ecuador

Everyone who has bumped into me in person for more than five consecutive minutes has likely heard what I’m doing for the week before Easter this year: traveling to Quito and Baños, Ecuador!  My itinerary isn’t 100% planned, but I have roughed it out and for now (which is kind of the way I like to do things), and it is as follows:

Saturday, March 19th
– Get into Quito around 9 — sleep at the hotel

Sunday, March 20th
– Spend the day exploring Quito
– Visit the equator

Monday, March 21st
– Walking tour with my hostel / independently exploring the historic district
Tuesday, March 22nd
– Keep exploring the historic district
– Hike to the highest point in Quito (or take a taxi)
– Travel to Baños in the evening

Wednesday, March 23rd
– Spend the day biking around Baños; specifically seeing Pailon del Diablo (waterfall)
Thursday, March 24th
– Spend the day exploring Baños; possibly taking a dip in the hot springs, exploring the volcano
– Visit “The Swing at the End of the World”
Swing at Banos
Friday, March 25th
– Travel back to Quito — spend the day doing whatever is recommended/whatever I stumble upon

Saturday, March 26th
– Relax / head back to Venezuela

I was originally planning to spend Carnival (February 5-9th) in Colombia, but I refuse to pay $600 to fly there for four days–originally, we were planning on taking a taxi to the border (which would be about $20 apiece each way).  Now, I’m thinking that I’ll spend Carnival in Mèrida, Venezuela — it’s a mountain town a few hours away from where I am currently.  I also have another 3-day weekend right after my birthday in April, which I’m thinking I’ll spend somewhere–possibly Aruba?  Teachers need to relax and have some fun in the sun, too.


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