City Stops 2016

For this year’s insane summer road trip I budgeted more time than I expected in several cities.  This is due to the fact that I wanted to take in more than just nature on this 27-ish day adventure.  Plus, I am insanely in the mood to explore different art scenes in the States and to use some of my travel time to enjoy manmade beauty as well as natural beauty. Also, I really like zoos, so there’s that.  Without further ado, I present to you a list of possible things (ranked by desire to do them) in each of my four city stops (sorry Memphis, I really only want to see the Civil Rights Museum in you this time!)

Days 4 and 5: Pittsburgh, PA


Andy Warhol Museum — As an art lover, I’ve always been into Warhol.  I can’t wait to go see some of his work up close!
Dinosaur Tour — I don’t know why, but the colorful dinosaurs that are a part of an installation art series really just tickle me.  I’m hoping to scout out as many as I can of these bad boys in my two days in the city.
Pamela’s Hotcakes — I love me some pancakes and theme restaurants, so this seems like the perfect place to grab a quick breakfast one morning.
Duquesne Incline — This isn’t something I’m wild and crazy about, but I do like to play tourist and it seems like an iconic place to play tourist at (top right-hand picture).
Carnegie Museum — There are so many Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh that I didn’t even know existed until now.  I would love to stop by one (maybe the dinosaur one?) but my first priority is the Warhol Museum and exploring the city through a DIY dinosaur tour.

Day 7: Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Museum of Art — I’m letting my art flag fly on this trip, because I’m just so into it.
Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library — As an obsessive compulsive reader/American literature scholar/HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER I’m obviously pretty into libraries.  I’m also a Vonnegut fan (although not the most avid) and I’m very interested in learning more about him and his works.
I’ve not added much to Indianapolis, simply because I’ll be to eager to see my best friend for the first time in 11 months that I don’t think I’ll really appreciate more than a couple of stops.  I might even narrow it down to one.

Day 19: Albuquerque, NM

Biopark — Being the animal enthusiast that I am, I love me some zoos.  I’m particularly interested in the Biopark, however, because it isn’t only a zoo; it’s also an aquarium, botanical gardens, and beach.  This sounds like the perfect way to spend my first ever day in Albuquerque.
Tramway — This is another major tourist attraction, but as I’ve pointed out before, I love playing tourist.  Maybe this is because I have no shame or because I’m just ridiculously excited about almost everything ever.  Unclear.  Either way, I think that riding this tramway 2.7 miles for a full twenty minutes might help tackle my heights phobia, and would make for gorgeous pictures.  I’m in.

Days 25-26: Philadelphia, PA

First, let me start off by saying I’m not sure why I’m so enraptured with Pennsylvania, or why I’m planning to give it 1/7th of my whole vacation time, but I’m really fascinated by it at this point.  I’m particularly into Philadelphia, and I think its the city that I’m most excited to see on this road trip.
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens — I just recently learned about PMG, through my favorite travel blogger, Alex in Wanderland.  How could anyone not want to go there after her amazing coverage of it? It’s my number one must-see in Philly. Also, I kind of want to be her when I grow up.
Robert Indiana’s LOVE Statue — This iconic statue has always been a favorite of mine. I can’t wait to see it!
Liberty Bell / Independence Museum — I’m interested in this solely for the history involved.  Also, after teaching American Lit this year I think that I would have even more of an appreciation for the place where the Constitution was written.
Philadelphia Zoo — That zoo habit just won’t quit, and where could I go that’s more fun than the first zoo in the United States?! Also, I LOVE their etiquette section of their website.  It’s so thoughtful!
Philadelphia Museum of Art — Although I doubt that I will actually go inside (since I’ll have been to so many art museums and since I’ll be on a super strict time schedule) I’d still like to climb up the steps (Rocky-style) and take a picture from the outside.  If I have time, this would be a nice place to make it to.

I came up with this list by painstakingly joyfully spending hours on the internet looking for stuff instead of being a real person.  This is what I do in my free time and I make no apologies for that [because I AM A GROWN UP. Kind of]. Websites such as Alex in Wanderland, Buzzfeed, and Pinterest were the best tools for helping me evaluate my options and introducing me to cool stuff.


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