Op Ed: Adventure Over Love Article

The article at the subject of this post, 10 Reasons Female Travelers Aren’t Afraid to Choose Adventure Over Love, immediately caught my attention, possibly because I am both a female and a traveler and because I’m all about that adventure life lately.  I mean I’m gearing up for a week in Ecuador, three and a half weeks roadtripping the U.S., a possible surprise excursion, and countless other small adventures this summer.  Also, I live in Venezuela as a United States citizen.  That alone might be enough to qualify me as adventurous.

Full disclosure: I love Elite Daily articles.  I love the ones about how important our sisters are, how kindred our souls are to our best friends, and every single one I’ve read about saying goodbye to that guy that you love who sucks.  As a twentysomething with a lot of feelings, I feel like Elite Daily gets me.

That being said, I have very mixed feelings about this article. Let me set the scene: I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed (something I do far too often) and a girl that I went to college with, but unfortunately never really got to know, shared this article.  The girl seems pretty cool and we’ve recently become Facebook friends, which makes me kind of upset that I didn’t get to know her in college because I think we might have been real-life friends.  Anyway, back to the article.  So I click on it, and everything starts out well. I think to myself, “oh my god, I really should do something on the history of feminism and female travelers.  How badass would that be for a travel blog, eh?!”  Then I get to the actual list.  From here, I will be aligning my thoughts about their reasons with their reasons.

  1. That’s a little extreme, but okay, yeah.  I am a free thinker!
  2. Okay, so I do care a little bit about being skinny.  I don’t need to be a size two but maybe I could go back to the time where I was a size six.  Does that make me less of a fearless traveling woman?  Also, maybe I do care about pleasing others sometimes.  It’s only polite.  Also, it’s thoughtful.  Hrrrrmph.
  3. Okay, I do want to choose my own path.  I take lots of pride in that.  Ummm, in point one doesn’t it say that fearless traveling women are less judgmental?  Isn’t saying that people who take the normal path have boring lives pretty judgmental?  Also, what if they want their 2.5 kids and their minivans and their picket fences?  That’s their life and not yours, judgey article.
  4. Eventually, I kind of want this already-made life of which they speak.  I can get behind this point still, though; I’m doing things my own way and on my own terms and with my own timetable.
  5. YEAH GIRL, WE ARE CHANGING IT! [Full disclosure: I may have even whoop-ed out loud at this one.]
  6. Ummm, I mean I kind of like the idea of being someone’s dream girl.  Not every guy is “generic Ken” as they describe him.  Maybe I want to be someone’s ideal girl.  Does that make me less of adventurous?!?
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I especially love the part where it says, “Our bucket lists are filled to the brim.  We empty them out and refill them without waiting for anyone’s approval.”  Way to take the metaphor to a deeper level.  I’m feeling it.
  8. One day, I see myself settling down.  But I can still get down with this reason; I want to settle down on my own terms, not anyone else’s.
  9. Aren’t romantic novels and dramatic literature similar?  I feel like she wanted to use “romantic comedies” there? Also, I still worry about finding the right one.  As much as I want this traveling lifestyle, I also want someone by my side (at least metaphorically) through most of it. I get that I still have plenty of time (since I’m basically a baby still) but it is something that I eventually want.  Does that make me less cool?!
  10. I’m still working on the whole loving myself thing.  I’m doing pretty well with it, but it’s still not effortlessly easy for me.  Is it ever effortlessly easy for anyone?  Also, why are we hating on Susie Homemaker and her life again? I do want to have a magazine-cool life, though.

The reason this article left me feeling so conflicted is because I truly loved part of it (points seven and five, incase you couldn’t tell).  I also identified with most of it.  The only thing that I just didn’t appreciate was the judgment.  It came off as hypocritical because of the judgmental tone of the whole piece.  I think that this could be rectified with some better editing.  I wish that it had been a little more of a pick-up for female travelers, and a little less of a put-down.  Maybe someday, I’ll write that version of this article.  For now, that’s my opinion.  What’s yours?


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