“You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

How many times have you heard this quote? A dozen, in the past two days of Facebook status updates written by the people that you knew from college? It’s New Year’s Resolution time, and something about the New Year makes all of us reassess and reevaluate our lives.

This is something that sounds silly to others, but it’s something that I really love to do. Now that I’m a year and a half into my two years teaching English in Venezuela, I feel like my life has become stagnant again. It’s not so much that I’m bored with what I’m doing (hello, I have no time to be bored as the only English teacher / the coordinator of the 6th-12th grade students at my school) as it is that the thrill is gone.

Teleferico View
Venezuela dreaming in the mountains.

Once you’ve been lucky enough to accomplish a major life dream, what the hell do you move on to do from there? Do you go back to the sleepy little town that you love so much? Do you get a job close to your family and friends who you’ve missed desperately? Do you take another international teaching job and stay away from the people that you love for another two years just because you’re afraid that you’ll be bored if you come back? Do you agonize over every decision that you’re going to make? Yes. You definitely do that.

Instead of wallowing in the fear and uncertainty, I’ve decided to be enthralled and excited by it (most days). I’ve decided to set a new goal and to dream a new dream, and I’ve decided to be okay with whatever life throws at me in 2017.

I love to make a zillion resolutions every year. This year, I’m only making one: update my blog 100 times. That’s approximately twice a week. Twice a week, I want to share stories about my life abroad, my traveling, and my mishaps with the internet. Maybe just the 12 people who have stumbled on this blog so far. Maybe, if I get lucky, I’ll grow up and be a hotshot travel blogger who gets to do this for money. I have no idea where this journey will take me, but I’m excited to find out.

A surprise vista on the New York / Vermont state line

I’ve only just started my travelling life, which makes me feel woefully behind everyone else. My best friend? She has been a world traveler since she was born, basically. All of the blogs I read? These people are professional travelers. Your great-aunt Mildred? She went to Asia before all of us hip twenty-somethings were smelling what the Banana Pancake Trail was steppin’ in. [Note: I’ve never even been to Asia.] What could I personally have to offer the world as a travel blogger? This is something that I’ve come to realize through my brief forays into online dating (more on this later, I promise!) – I feel like I offer something unique to the world. I feel like I’m a special little flower. Maybe that makes me super “millenial” or super full of myself or means that my mom and dad raised me in a way that you think is wrong, but I do believe that.

No, I’m not the only twenty-something traveller in the world. No, I’m not an expert at this. No, I cannot in fact find Albania on the map. In fact, I’m not even sure what the difference between the Balkans and the Baltics are. Albania is in one of those, right? No, seriously, it is either a Balkan or a Baltic nation, right?

Does this make me the poster child for being a travel blogger? Not really, to be honest. But I like to take risks and learn new things. I love to travel to new places and have whatever experience is dealt to me by the universe. And mostly, I love to tell stories. So, traveling is my new dream and updating this blog is my new goal.

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a wild ride, regardless of whether or not anyone reads these posts.


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